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Overview Technology Solutions, Inc. is a cybersecurity-focused managed services provider with a distinct onus on customer service and keeping your IT environment uneventfully reliable.  Headquartered in Long Island, we support all manner of organizations across the tri-state area and beyond with advanced solutions surrounding everything from the essentials of servers & networking to managed Cloud & backup, telecommunications, compliance, intrusion prevention & testing, and much more.

We fancy ourselves a challenge and are keen to apply the highest measure of creativity and technology at our disposal when architecting a solution for any client, which has lead to achieving expertise in aspects of IT that are far beyond what is common in our industry.  As the premier IT & cybersecurity company in New York, we take such a responsibility to heart by continuing to enhance our capabilities.  We embrace this by becoming ever more certified and maintaining an unquenchable thirst for more knowledge in the constantly expanding and evolving technology world we live in.

With a combined experience of over five decades in IT, our team brings a wise-beyond-our-years youthful exuberance to any organization we step into and fortifies it with the veteran leadership our team draws its greatest strength from.  The wide range of relationships we’ve enjoyed has enabled us to become the go-to choice for non-profit organizations, Fortune ranked corporations, Mom & Pop SMBs, growing startups, on-air celebrity talents, financial institutions of all kinds, and more.

The OVTS Difference

We are the premiere cyber security and preparation-focused MSSP, setting transparent expectations and facilitating growth for business, all while setting the new standard of integrity.


"We’ve really benefitted from working with Overview. They are simply the best and have been able to help us grow in scale as well as the reliability of our business as it is in constant need of more storage and security. I’ve been in business over 30 years and Overview has brought our confidence level to new heights, and for the first time, I never have to worry about our IT anymore, thanks to Marc becoming our virtual chief information officer."
Jeff Baker
Manufacturing, Distribution, Wholesale, eCommerce

Case Studies

Mortgaging Their Future

A major up-and-coming mortgage company that had steadily expanded over the course of more than a decade had gotten by with very little IT support and security not taken as seriously as necessary for long enough, when finally faced with a compliance audit on the horizon.  Overview’s team of compliance specialists were able to provide a solution that completely modernized and protected the client at all four of their locations with appliances and software, user training, and compliance documentation for the banking department, in addition to playing nice in the sandbox with the incumbent voice vendor to ensure the smoothest transition.

The Realest Estate

What do you do when you’re a billion-dollar rising real estate company with 20+ offices to support and grow? You call Overview Technology Solutions. This client was falling prey to cyber attack after cyber attack due to having more than 1,100 agents with BYOD security issues, as well as offices that required top technology buildouts to support the marketing image they were continuing to build upon. Overview developed convenient asset tracking, security appliances and software, and even stepped in to troubleshoot and solve once and for all several lingering issues that had proven costly and annoying for years prior.

Meet the Team

Marc P. Menzies

President & CTO

Ryan J. Coyne

VP of Business

Jesse Bennett

Director of Service
& Life Saver

Anthony Torres

Director of Education
& Senior Network Engineer

Jasmine Mercedes

Operations Manager
& Fiscal Coordinator

Bryan Quinn

Senior Field Technician
& Happiness Guru

Joseph Fuller

Support Technician Level 1
Microsoft & VoIP

Tyler Gibbs

Director of Client Success
& Account Manager

Jesse Hirsch

Systems Engineer

Sim Singh

Support Technician Level 2
Apple & Google

Tyler Reino

Support Technician Level 2

Christine Gerlich

Financial Administrator

Bola Atimise

CMMC Compliance Officer

Gerard Judice

Duty Manager

Donald Wadsworth

Support Technician Level 1

Stephon X. Jones

Systems Engineer
Compliance & Security

Sid the Dog

Chief Executive


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