“My CAD drawings need to open faster.” The unique hardware demands of the specialized software used by these types of organizations requires solution flexibility that Overview proudly offers. Certain elements of how to mix architectural and engineering performance needs with Cloud services is one of our many specialties.



Custom software and sensitive multi-decade customer databases abound in the automotive space, and we’ve been implementing disaster recovery solutions that guard against any disruption of business that could result in lost revenue or inability to provide reliable service to your base.

Celebrity / High Net Worth

“My CAD drawings need to open faster.” The unique hardware demands of the specialized software used by these types of organizations requires solution flexibility that Overview proudly offers. Certain elements of how to mix architectural and engineering performance needs with Cloud services is one of our many specialties.



Your business will benefit from having Overview’s applied expertise in fiber, legacy, complex LAN infrastructure, Unified Communications, and more as a featured armament in your battle to stay the fastest and most reliably connected in a world begging to be able to reach you at all times.


Your company needs a strong technical foundation to build upon in order to have the most reliable partnership between office staff and field workers, and unique needs that come up in the construction business are easily solved with the creative inclusion of Cloud and telecommunications technologies. From powerful servers to monitoring solutions that keep track of and protect your equipment that travels out of the office, you’ll optimize your business expenses and increase the productivity of all staff regardless of location.


Why was Six afraid of seven? Because seven was a Quickbooks database file, eight was an important Excel sheet, and nine was a custom software app, all of which became corrupted and of course weren’t being backed up properly resulting in a major client crisis and a decision to take security and backup seriously. Six decided to call Overview for help ensuring that over twelve months of file versions were constantly being backed up from now on, both onsite and stored in a Cloud datacenter, because Six never wanted to worry about anything more than it absolutely had to during the crunches of tax season.


There’s nothing more important in the education environment than cutting-edge tools and tightly managed security including content filtering. Facilitating the safest and most effective learning process is something Overview takes pride in being able to achieve for many educational institutions.x`


The world of finance requires an IT company heavily trained and certified in the latest security protocols and regulations. Overview’s chief technology officer and CEO is one of the most highly decorated technicians in the country and an avid consumer of emergent regulatory literature, proving a huge differentiator among MSPs when consulting to organizations with these industry-specific challenges.


Consulting to local and State government and its officials has allowed Overview unique insight into threats on the grandest scale and to be prepared for exactly what it takes to protect them in the face of global cyber attacks growing more numerous.


Overview’s CIO possesses the rare and well-sought HCISPP certification and has regularly provided unique leadership to healthcare industry organizations and professionals during special projects and day-to-day ongoing support that require the special touch of someone with this specific training.

Human Resources

HR meets IT and great things happen.  The specific needs of managing sensitive employee records and maintaining reliable uptime to be able to serve the needs of any organization’s most prized resource, its staff & team members, is a critical need that Overview is proud to specialize in.


Just as insurance companies provide resources to protect their clients in the unlikely event of various catastrophic events, Overview provides the same back to them in the form of solutions that cover all of the bases.


Overview supports many dozens of law firms in various industry verticals and is unrivaled in the flexibility of solution offering so that these prestigious businesses can focus on winning cases and operating a productive practice.


The challenges unique to the manufacturing sector are numerous, and the last thing they need to worry about is their IT environment being the cog in the machine that stops it all from turning.  Overview takes a forensic approach to analyze the best way to ensure that factory settings are streamlined and optimized to the max while maintaining security practices that guard against holes born of employee turnover.


The fast-paced world of media and advertising in all its forms presents a wonderful opportunity to incorporate the latest and greatest in graphical performance, reliable & dense storage solutions with a robust cloud component, and security practices to content with the coming and going of staff both in the office as well as remote contractors.


Overview has a strong connection to the nonprofit community and the budget focused conversations surrounding the various needs in its projects that further their missions.  Among the relationships with various nonprofit organizations that Overview maintains, we are tremendously proud of the work we have done for Sunrise Day Camp, the Afya Foundation, and the Bellmore Chamber of Commerce.

Real Estate

Overview is the IT company of choice for the #1 Residential Real Estate brokerage in Suffolk County as well as the #1 brokerage in Nassau County.  These relationships are keystone demonstrations of our prowess in serving the needs of businesses in this rapidly evolving industry and allow us to incorporate many of our strong vendor relationships such as print services.


When hosting large amounts of guests that come and go, there’s one important item that reigns supreme even more so than security in this space: fast, reliable, secure WiFi.  Overview’s expertise with the Unifi platform makes us the #1 choice for hospitality-focused businesses such as conference centers, hotels, restaurants, and beyond, so that your customers stay a while, and come back often.


Point of sale systems that have rock solid redundancy and footprints with reliable security are musts in the retail industry, and Overview proudly keeps these businesses able to do what they do best without worry of nuisance issues such as being unable to process credit card payments or instantly call up customer records.


The transportation industry is rife with BYOD security challenges and a widely dispersed workforce, requiring the savviest of IT companies such as Overview to help keep track of assets, data, and the high-availability of database records.  Our prowess in these areas has come in handy for some of the largest businesses operating in the tri-state area that face these challenges each day.


A well-trained IT staff can be the difference between your logistics seeming logical or being completely discombobulated.  Overview prevents distribution-focused businesses from costly downtime by ensuring high-availability of shipping software, internal asset tracking, and the security of access from anywhere on the planet.

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