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Managed Services

Keeping your IT environment running smoothly and without frustration requires constant attention and the availability of highly skilled and attentive technical problem solvers. Additionally, many organizations are overwhelmed by rapidly changing business demands and the latest ‘must-have’ upgrades, especially when those upgrades surround security threats.

All of this makes Overview an attractive and cost-reducing alternative to traditional in-house IT staff, as well as an alternative to only responding to issues instead of being ahead of them. Our managed services can help free you from productivity killers, downtime, and the necessary, time-consuming IT tasks like patching, monitoring, and management of your IT infrastructure.

We’re here to give you relief from the mundane tasks so you can focus on the strategic business initiatives that differentiate you.

Managed Environment

Digital angels watching over your organization’s tech is a feeling like no other. The peace of mind knowing that your productivity is safeguarded just as much as your data itself is enough, but we take it a step further by taking an active role in the planning so you can stay more focused than ever on what matters to you most.

OV Core of Engineers

Complex problems require the kind of think tank that Overview has assembled. Our team’s experience and training are unrivaled in both depth and diversity, extending far beyond traditional IT skillsets, leading many clients to feel vastly more empowered to tackle unusually difficult challenges than they ever thought possible. Whether you need a custom application finished that someone else started for you in the hopes of massively increasing your efficiency? That’s no problem. Have to completely restructure your environment for compliance purposes? Check. Have multiple locations that all need a structured revamp? No sweat and we’re just getting started.

Cyber Security

Nobody takes cybersecurity more seriously than we do. In addition to offering Virtual Chief Information Officer as a service, our certifications extend all the way to HIPAA compliance expertise, and we offer free online courses that educate your users on how to avoid the most common security breaches in the first place. While the security hardware and software we provide are the industry gold standard, we’re always innovating new ways to build a better mousetrap so you can rest easy while working hard.

Compliance Services

We read every new regulatory document cover to cover, and are proud to be the company that distributes the most prevalent new items to our extended network of colleagues. This thirst for being ahead of problems is something we offer to the clients under our care so that costly fines or worse are completely avoided. Our HCISPP certification qualifies us as your best ally when it comes to the healthcare industry, and our long list of happy financial industry clients have been protected countless times by the planning we put into their IT environments. Your data needs to be kept safe at all times, with no exception.

Cloud Computing

We’ve been taking the cloud seriously since long before it became a buzzword. That’s why we’ve constructed a world-class datacenter in two locations that provides backup & disaster recovery solutions in addition to exciting new business resiliencies such as hosted server & hosted desktop (no more physical towers at each desk, and the ability to log into ‘your’ computer from anywhere) and even putting your server in our datacenter for high-availability and added security benefits.

DRP & Backup

Backing up properly should be something you never have to even think about, and we feel the same way about recovery. We offer several types of bulletproof backup solutions that can be tailored to your budget, the maximum amount of time you can allow restorations to take, and how far back in time you need to hang onto older versions of your data, all with complete peace of mind.

Servers & Hardware

Overview provides and manages both cloud-based and on-premise servers while utilizing the latest advances in virtual machine technology to set up the perfect solution for your environment. Your server might be the most important piece of your infrastructure, but we strive to make it the thing that causes you the least stress.

Business Communication

The way your organization communicates with itself is just as important as how it communicates with the outside world and its customers. We’re experts at engineering the right solution made up of software, hardware, and hosted products that save you money, time, and frustration, all while hearing & reading everyone loud and clear.


Learning environments are given the chance to be most effective when armed with the right tools as well as the right security. Overview’s commitment to excellence matches that of the finest educational institutions and allows for the kind of technically-driven relationship that is sorely needed for such environments, as the need for flexibility and cutting-edge modalities of learning are so important.

Celebrity & Private Clients

Overview is proud to have professional and personal relationships within the HNW & celebrity communities that have allowed us to become specialists at the unique challenges facing these individuals both at work and at play. Working with on-air talent as well as political figures and athletes in a variety of ways has led to case studies we can present showing exactly why bringing Overview into the conversation worked out better than anyone could have possibly imagined, all with the necessary sensitivity and discretion that is very difficult to come by in the tech industry.

Cost Optimization

Your organization is currently paying for things every month and very often too much so. We take a forensic approach to analyzing your costs and recommend solutions that we can implement to save you money, but we also make introductions to trusted partners that can do the same for you in other areas of your business.

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